More than just an art gallery!!!

Classes and Workshops

In addition to our Gallery, we have an Art Education Center as well.  We also offer opportunities for school field trips, homeschoolers, and Boy/Girl Scouts as well. In addition, we  create special programs for groups on a regular basis.  At Appalachian Creativity Center we are always up for the challenge of creating a group specific programs.

Art Classes and Workshops

With many of the cuts in government funding of the arts  at the local, state and federal level, Appalachian Creativity Center fills a void for art instruction that is lacking in schools.  The Center has classes and workshops for people of all ages.  The Art Education Center has more than fifteen instructors teaching a variety of classes.  Many of the instructors are also the artists that display their work in the Gallery.  Classes are added regularly and popular classes are held frequently.  The schedule for upcoming classes and workshops can be found on the Events page or by visiting Appalachian Creativity Center’s Facebook Page  Maybe one of the classes below might be of interest to you:

  • wood crafts
  • sea glass art
  • masking
  • cross-stitching
  • canvas painting
  • introduction to drawing
  • stout, beer stein and wine glass painting
  • holiday crafts
  • scrapbooking
  • cupcake and cookie decorating
  • and many more

The Appalachian Creativity Center’s Art Education Department also offs several workshops throughout the year including:

  • Vision Board
  • Introduction to Crystals
  • Boot Camp for Artists
  • Art Journaling

Summer and Winter Art Camps

It is very common to see children and young adults at Appalachian Creativity Center.  The Art Education Department prides itself on children’s classes and programming.  We have three week-long Summer camps, one in June, one in July and one in August.  We space the camps out with the hopes that one of them will fit the schedule for a family.  We also offer a Winter camp for children and young adults over the Christmas break.  Sibling discounts are offered for all of our camps.  All of our camps are thematic and on nice days we try to spend a considerable amount of time outside during our Summer Camp. As the camps are scheduled, they will be listed under classes.

Pre-School Play Days

The Pre-Schooler Play Day is designed for children 5 and under,  Each day the pre-schoolers will have a different creative project to take home with them.  The Play Days will be listed on the class schedule.

Birthday Parties

The Art Education Center also hosts many thematic art and escape room parties.  We offer several packets to fit everyone’s budget.  The Art birthday parties always includes canvases as well paint and brushes needed to complete a project.  If you are not interested in painting, talk to one of our experts to plan the perfect art project.  Art is great but what if you are more interested in adventure?  If that sounds more interesting then the Escape Room parties may be the way to go.  All Escape Room parties must be booked at least a month in advance in order to give our design team enough time to design the escape room.  Deposits are required for parties.

Street Demonstrations

Appalachian Creativity Center provides interactive learning through our street demonstrations.  Several of our instructors take to the street to show their talent and give visitors a chance to ask them questions about their art.  In addition, many people have the opportunity to get hands-on lessons on how to create various art forms.  The Street Demonstrations will be listed under the events page.

Book Signings

We have over ten artists represented at Appalachian Creativity Center.  We generally have three book signings each year for the current writers in the Gallery; however, when a new artist is admitted into the Gallery, we also have book signings shortly thereafter.  All book signings will be listed on the events page. Stay tuned!


The NOT REALLY A BOOK CLUB book club is a book club like no other.  We meet  once a month according to a time schedule that is accommodating for our members.  A topic is selected from the theme box and our readers. Our readers can choose to pick a book, magazine, or newspaper articles to read, watch a video, or discuss a personal accounts  about the topic.  Extra activities such as guest speakers, potluck dinners, and trips will also be organized to gain more information on some of the themes that are discussed.  The Book Club schedule will be listed under classes.

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