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Appalachian Creativity Center

Appalachian Creativity Center primarily focuses on the art of the people residing in the Appalachian Region.  However, there are several artists residing outside the area, but the subject-matter of their art is directly related to the Appalachian Culture. Our Gallery represents over one hundred artists that display their creations for public sale. The Center also offers a wider variety of gifts for all ages.  Each artist is interviewed and their artwork is presented to the owners, and upon approval, they are invited to place their art in the Gallery.  The following artist, crafters, and artisans have work in the Appalachian Creativity Center Gallery.


Barbara Bailey is a resident of Connellsville, PA but she is also a world traveler. Barbara has been working with pottery for a very long time.  As a self-taught artist, Barbara has an interesting method to making her pottery unique.  She adds plants found in her back yard to press into her pottery to create a unique design.  Barbara makes bowls, platters, wall hangings, jewelry and other items inspired by her surroundings.  There are many beautiful items in the Barbara Bailey collection so come and check out this unique artist at Appalachian Creativity Center.


Marie is a resident of Connellsville, PA. She is a fiber artist and her specialty is Amish knot rugs.  A very time consuming project, the rugs are mad from a variety of sheets and other materials.  Her rugs can be machine washed and dried and come in many colors and shapes.  In addition, she also uses the Amish knot method to make place mats as well.


Tracy Beers is a resident of Mill Run.  Tracy combines woodworking with her Cricket designs to create unique crafts.  She is always up for a challenge when designing custom pieces as well as unique holiday creations.   Her woodworking has become a great stress releaser.  Come to Appalachian Creativity Center to see the latest crafts by Beers.


The Connellsville Historical Society is one of our local non-profit organizations that promote local history.  They have a variety of books, posters, print, t-shirts, throws and much more.  The proceeds from sales for this organization goes to preserving Connellsville heritage and historical sites.  The Historical Society is the driving force behind promoting Connellsville’s history.  A main source of information is their website http://www.connellsvillehistorical


Rembrandt Coyle is a resident of Hopwood.  He is a color pencil illustrator that uses a wide variety of colors in his work.  He is interested in shapes, patterns and colors and all of these can be seen in his work.  He gives his mother credit for influencing his work.  Rembrandt is a museum assistant at a Fayette County museum.  He has had his art displayed at the National Road Exhibition.  Connect with Rembrandt at


Nancy is a resident of Fairbank, PA.  She is a multi-media artist that works with wood crafts, acrylic paints, ceramics and fiber arts.  Her biggest inspiration comes from the anticipation of working with a new pattern.  Nancy’s greatest influence came from her grandmother on her Mom’s side.  Together, they were always working on some kind of craft.  Nancy wants to produce the highest quality of work for every product she produces so she takes her time to do the best possible job.  She loves what she does and she is always eager to learn knew things.  For 14 years, Nancy ran her own craft store up until her husband passed away.  Also for the past 15 years, she has participated in the Park Inn  (formerly the Holiday Inn) craft show.  Next year Nancy is setting her goal high.  She plans on being the Grande Reserve Champion First Place in the Fayette County Fair in 2018.


Melinda was one of the first artists to become part of Appalachian Creativity Center. She is from Belle Vernon and her medium of choice is photography.  Her inspirations is life, “capturing that moment in time that God has showed us”. Melinda photos are from moments in time that she personally experienced.  No two are ever the same. Melinda’s work can also be seen on her website,


Bob Dulik is a stained glass artist from Uniontown, PA.  He is self-taught and he has been designing and fixing stained glass pieces for 35 years.  He is inspired by nature and religious art.  Bob has been involved in the Uniontown Arts Festival and is a member of the Uniontown Art club.  He has also been one of the past Artist-of-the-Month at the Fayette County Courthouse Law Library.  Currently he is working on glass painting like you see in the older churches.  He fires the paints to the glass in a kiln.  Check out Bob Dulik’s work on exhibit at Appalachian Creativity Center.


Arlene Gmitter is a native of Connellsville, PA.  After retiring from the government she moved back home and now she is sharing her love of nature photography with Appalachian Creativity Center.  Arlene travels all over the world capturing amazing photos of wildlife in its natural habitat.  In order to capture the perfect photo, she may sit for hours waiting for the perfect moment.  The result is a collection of beautiful birds, foxes, eagles and more.  Come in to see these amazing photos at Appalachian Creativity Center.


Angie Haggerty lives with her husband in Connellsville, PA  Her medium of choice is Nature Photography and Pyrography on Fungi.  Angie has many interests, but she is particularly inspired by nature, science and fairies.  Angie’s main influence came from her scientific illustration instructor.  She encourage Angie and sail that in order to have good art, you have to make it POP.  Angie captures many of her photos while she is rambling in the woods.  After realizing that many of her photos were quite extraordinary, she decided to place them in Appalachian Creativity Center so that others may enjoy them as well.


Kathy Hecker is a Mt. Pleasant resident.  Give her epoxy and watch the wonderful creations she makes.  Her signature items are the custom order tumbles.  Although the Gallery keeps several in stock, Kathy can fill custom orders with a multitude of designs.  Kathy is also known for her gnomes.  The Gallery has one for every season.  See the wonderful tumbler and gnome collection at Appalachian Creativity Center.


Jill is a resident of Connellsville, PA and is talented in many areas of the art world.  Not only is she an amazing painter, she is an equally talented set designer for the local community theatre company.  Jill is inspired by nature and fantasy, and you can see the two come together in her paintings.  Her art is influenced by the movie What Dreams May Come.  Come see Jill’s fairies and mermaids in the Appalachian Creativity Center.


Nancy is a resident of Mt. Pleasant. PA.  She enjoys painting with acrylics; she likes how it blends with other colors.  She has always loved drawing and painting since she was a child.  Now she brings her talent to Appalachian Creativity Center.  Her painting include a variety of subjects, but want makes her work unique is the surfaces she chooses to paint.  She paints on wood, slate and pots.  Nancy has been involved in many shows in the past.


Sandy, as she likes to be called is a sewing maniac.  She creates many unique handcrafted items such as tea towels, aprons, memory pillows and memory ornaments.  Her creations are always unique and well-made.   Sandy also makes her items versatile.  For example, her aprons are reversible with a unique design on each side.  If you are looking for a sentimental gift, Sandy’s memory pillows and ornaments are amazing. Come check out her collection at Appalachian Creativity Center.


Tammy Martz is a resident of Mt. Pleasant, PA.  Her medium of choice is a wine bottle.  She can turn any bottle into a work of art by adding lights, flowers and sometimes paint to create something anyone would love to have in their house.  She loves to create new and beautiful items that inspire.  Tammy also works with floral arrangements for weddings which may include bouquets and boutonnierss.


Teri Murphy is a resident of Connellsville, PA.  She is one of several jewelers that puts a spin on their creations.  Using primarily dominoes, she creates unique necklaces to be worn for all occasions.  Teri is also part of the Abandoned Art Program.  Teri makes jewelry that is distributed throughout the area for people to find.  The jewelry is meant to make people feel better about themselves and life in general.  Come check out the Hirko Collection and the Gallery.


Beverly Niccolai is a resident of Perryopolis, PA.  Her prints are unique in that the reflect Old World Europe.  Beverly’s prints tell a story, but the story may be different for anyone who looks at her art.  Her subject matter could be someone’s mother, grandmother or aunt.  Her subjects come to life in the streets, around the corner, and in the fields.  In some cases, Beverly used the likeness of people she knows in her art.  Come experience Old World Europe at Appalachian Creativity Center and become mesmerized by the stories that Beverly’s prints are telling us.


Ann is a resident of Connellsville and also a co-owner of Appalachian Creativity Center and Project Talent Theatre Workshops.  Many years ago when she was forced to rest during her pregnancy with her daughter, her niece taught her to cross-stitch.  What started as a way to pass the time turned into a love and appreciation for intricacies of cross-stitching.  Ann teaches cross-stitching at the Art Center; however, she also teaches Doodlebugs and assists with the Art Camps.  Come learn the craft of cross-stitching at Appalachian Creativity Center.


Jim Oglethorpe is a former resident of Connellsville, Pa, and now lives in Florida.  Jim is one of many authors that have their books in the Gallery.  His subject matter reflects the history of the small local towns of southwestern Pennsylvania. His genre of choice is murder mystery. Currently, Appalachian Creativity Center has Leisenring No. 1 and Confluence on sale.  Jim is working on his third book, and will be selling it at the Gallery once it is completed.


Kaylin is from Vanderbilt, PA.  She is currently our youngest student, just recently graduating from high school.  Kaylin paints and works with intricate designs from gel pens on canvas.  She particularly loves to work with clay.  SHe is currently working on a miniature clay village.  Kaylin will soon be starting her freshman year in college so we hope to see more art in the Gallery from this talented young artist.


Jason Pokopec is and author that resides in Dunbar, PA.  He has written two novels and is currently working on a sequel to his first novel Enigmatic Descent.  In addition he is working on a novel entitled, Cold People. Jason loves writing scary novels, the ones that keep you guessing what will happen next.  His second novel Betty Knox, which is based on a local legend,  is a perfect example of the spine-tingling stories he tells.  He lives to have his books set in southwestern Pennsylvania. He is inspired by Dean Koontz, Steven King and Robert R. McCammon.  Both Enigmatic Descent and Betty Knox are available at Appalachian Creativity Center.


Christine Polosky calls Scottdale, PA her home.  She creates seasonal wreaths and enhanced glass art. She is inspires by the art process and the final outcome of the piece. Christine is very detailed oriented, and it shows in her art. Since she is new to the art world, she has only been involved in one show. However, she has made centerpieces for weddings.  Come see Christine’s wreaths on display at Appalachian Creativity Center.


Dianne Pyda is a resident of Mt. Pleasant, PA   She uses low, medium and high fire clays and glazes in her creations.  She embellishes her art with paints, beads, and for that matter, anything that is handy.  Dianne is inspired by life itself, from the beauty of her surroundings to the quirks of everyday people. She says, “Anything whimsical is fuel for my imagination.”  Also, she finds beauty in the spiritual side of life.  Over the years, she has been influenced by her sons, her students, and her mom.  In the artist world, local artist Ron Korcynski has greatly influenced her art.  Dianne sees herself as a lifelong learner. As an artist for over 20 years, she has displayed her work in numerous venues  and she has been involved in collaborative shows with her students.  She is a member of both the Latrobe Art Center and the Greensburg Art Center.  Several of Dianne’s works are on display at Appalachian Creativity Center.


Cheryl Qualters resides in Bruceton Mills, WV.  She has a very interesting mediums of choice including gourds, pine needles, reeds, sea grass, and mixed fibers.  Cheryl carves and paints gourds and works with pine needle stitching which yields baskets and bowls and provides a rim for the gourds.  She uses reeds, sea grass and mixed fibers to create beautiful baskets.  She is inspired by Mother Nature.  She focuses on unique colors and textures and she find the flora and fauna to be exquisite.  She has been greatly influenced by Leslie Parkenson who gave her time to foster Cheryl’s interest in basketry, weaving and stained glass.  She has displayed her art in many shows in West Virginia and Pennsylvania.  In addition to her work in Appalachian Creativity Center, she also has her art in several galleries in New Mexico as well.


Betty Reita is a resident of Mt. Pleasant, PA.  She is a watercolor artist.  Betty focuses on nature as her subject matter for her artwork. Flowers, butterflies and holiday themes are just a few of beautiful watercolor paintings Appalachian Creativity Center has had in the Gallery since she started to exhibit her work in 2016.


Patty Richter resides in South Connellsville, PA.  She loves to crochet and sew and she has many items in the Bohemian Chic Boutique as a result.  She is inspired by things she sees around her.  Give her a picture and a ball of yarn and she tries to make something nice from it.  Her Mom and neighbor are the two people who have inspired her the most. Her and her sister take part in many craft shows throughout the year.  Patty finds crocheting to be very relaxing and it gives her time to think, probably about her next creation.


Gloria “Eileen” Rohal is a native of South Connellsville, PA. Eileen likes to spend time crocheting. Many of her hats, blankets and other creations are on display in the Bohemian Chic Boutique.  Eileen is inspired by the satisfaction of completing a project and knowing it is one of a kind.  She was influenced by her neighbor who patiently taught her to crochet.  In addition, her mother helped her learn the different stitches.  Her mother loved all crafts and was always looking for a project.  Her and her sister, Patty Richter participates in many craft shows throughout the year.  Appalachian Creativity Center exhibits a wide variety of Eileen’s work so come and check it out.


Shirley J. Rosenberger lives in Connellsville but sees herself as more of a resident of the world.  She delves in many mediums including acrylics on canvas, masking, jewelry as well as creating unique art works using plants.  However, she is the primary stained glass and mosaic instructor.  She has always been inspired by her Mother Evelyn who was always supportive of her endeavors.  She is greatly influenced by her travels.  With Gypsy in her blood, her favorite pastime is traveling and much of her artistic influence comes from her journeys.  Come check out Shirley’s latest creations at Appalachian Creativity Center.


Connie Shoaf is a resident of Jefferson Hills, PA. Her medium of choice is acrylic on canvas, slate, wood, and feathers.  She is primarily inspired by nature as can be seen in her work. Throughout her art career, she has been influenced by many.  Art has always been part of her life as reflected in her education as well as her career. Upon retiring she has pursued he passion of painting wildlife. Connie has displayed her work at many festivals and has won multiple people’s choice awards as well as best show awards in juried art shows. She is also a member of the Uniontown Art Club.


Lois Watts resides in Dawson, PA.  Her medium of choice, one that she is extremely passionate about is sea glass or beach glass.  She also loves vintage items as well.  She incorporates the beach glass and vintage items in much of her art work. Recently she has added air plants and succulents to her art to add another element of nature to her designs. Lois is inspired by nature, particularly the land and water and its simplicity.  Because Lois loves oceans, rivers and lakes, we see these themes reflected in her art.  Lois was selected as artist of the month for June 2016 at the Fayette County Courthouse in Uniontown, PA.  She regularly attends the Ashtabula Ohio Beach Glass Festival where she exhibits her work.
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