More than just an art gallery!!!

Bohemian Chic Boutique

If fashion is your thing, the Bohemian Chic Boutique is the place for you. The Boutique has unique clothing options that you will not find in your traditional clothing store and they are handmade.  Our artists create apparel for all ages including infants.  The artists also work with the customer for custom orders.  If you need a gift for someone that walks to the beat of a different drummer, the Bohemian Chic Boutique is the place to visit.  Our artists hand craft many items including:

  • coats
  • ponchos
  • knitted scarves and hats
  • shawls
  • aprons
  • memory bears
  • knitted gloves
  • quilts
  • stuffed animals
  • travel pillows
  • baby doll clothes
  • purses and bags
  • baby items
  • and much more


Appalachian Creativity Center
139 West Crawford Avenue
Connellsville, PA 15425